Chiara also offers premarital coaching services to couples who are interested in doing some extra preparation and education before tying the knot. Chiara has worked previously as a communication and relationship coach, so she has lots of experience working with couples to ensure that they are communicating their needs clearly with each other, and resolving conflicts calmly and effectively. She also helps couples learn how to establish reasonable boundaries and expectations, and how to create a loving environment where trust, support and growth can flourish.

Did you know that in the state of Tennessee, you can receive a $60 discount on your marriage license if you complete four hours of premarital preparation training? We offer individual sessions, as well as packages of three, four and five sessions to couples who would like to take advantage of these services. We also offer a special package that combines four coaching sessions and the officiating services for your ceremony at a reduced rate. Please visit our pricing page to learn more about these deals.


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